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Fastest 200m Sack Race World Record

August 29, 2018

Stephen Wildish has self-proclaimed that he is the Usain Bolt of sack racing after setting the new record for the 200m with a time of one minute and four seconds.


Although he remains adamant on giving Olympics running ace Mo Farah a fair chance by challenging him to a 400m sack race showdown.


The 38-year-old, who has already beaten Farah’s 100m world record with a time of 26.22 seconds, joked: “I’d love to challenge him. He’s more of a long-distance runner and this will give him a level playing field.”


He would also love for the race to be held at the County Groundathletics track, the same venue he has won both records.


Dad-of-two Stephen, of Wroughton, said he it felt “amazing” to set another record, although he has to wait 11 weeks to receive his accreditation.


There was no current record set for this distance, so the organisers of Guinness World Records set him a time to achieve of one minute and 30 seconds – Stephen smashed this being faster by 26 seconds.


Although admittedly he was nervous leading up to the event as he was only timing in at one minute and 34 seconds in practice.


“I’m chuffed with this,” he said. “I have this one in the bag now and once it’s all been officially verified I will be hanging the award next to the other one in my downstairs toilet.”


However, there is one more space that needs filling in the facility. “There’s enough space for one more and three is the magic number.”



Stephen did try and get his own sack racing event approved by the Guinness World Records committee, the idea was to race going up a mountain – they decided against this as there are too many variables.


The record holder has even put his own twist on the ‘Mobot’ celebration by turning it upside down into a w which he calls the ‘Wibot’ and it was on display to celebrate his achievement.


The graphic designer, who owns Marlborough-based agency Wildish & Co, has been putting in the hours at the gym in preparation for the new record even bringing his sack with him to practice on the treadmill.


He has put his burning desire to be the best in the world at the sport down to being extremely good at it at school. The former Colebrook Juniors pupil claims he was unbeaten at school and remains unbeaten to this day.


There were 24 family and friends supporting him at the track, with some even running alongside him to spur the sack racer on.


When asked by the Adver what his plans are next in this event, it is clear to see that the champion has his sights set on a head to head with an Olympian.