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💸 Side Hustles

We’ve grown up. But that doesn’t mean we’ve enjoyed everything about it.

Evolving from our Creative Director’s highly successful Tumblr blog (hey, it was the early 00s), global publishers Penguin reached out asking us to create two books: How To Swear and How To Adult. You can find them in Waterstones which is pretty neat and we’ve got three upcoming titles in the works.

We’ve loved delivering creative for brands big and small over the years. But it got us thinking, wouldn’t it also be fun to do this for ourselves?

So we created Allnutt Wild Supplies – our foray into product design, packaging, manufacturing, imports & exports, drop-shipping and much more. All our products are available exclusively on our Amazon store. (Got a new idea for us? Hit us up.)

Whilst beards remain our bestsellers (largely due to the enormous creative variation available), our moustache matchboxes are our latest invention that we expect will inspire any budding Poirot-enthusiast.

Oh, and we designed our own card game, aptly called ‘Optic Trumps’.

It’s like Top Trumps but focussed solely on our favourite celebrity eye-wear. If you’d like to fill someone’s Christmas stocking, we’ll happily send you a pack.

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