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Creative Inspiration Monthly – #8

It’s that time of the month again where we show you interesting things that have popped up on our radar recently. This time we’re talking all things weird & wonderful…


Small Giants

The guys over at Midday have given this insect snack brand a bright & fun new identity. Eating insects sounds weird, so it was a huge challenge for them, but somehow they’ve made snacking on insects look kind of cool… I think?

“Not only were we tasked with creating a premium brand for mainstream audiences. We also had to smash an ancient taboo. Although humans have been eating insects for centuries, insects as snacks are new in the west. With so few competitors, this was also a delicious opportunity to set the benchmark for an entire category.”

The bright palette & unusual illustrations make these snacks stand out from the crowd, but I don’t think we’ll be trying them anytime soon…


See the full case study here


Museum of Ice Cream

Last year The Working Assembly took on re-branding the Museum of Ice Cream, originally a pop-up museum experience which has now expanded to a few cities across the US. I’m not sure it’s got much to do with ice cream, but more of an excuse to have a fun day out & take nice pictures for Instagram.

“Globalisation and technology have made the world smaller, yet people are more lonely than ever,” says Maryellis Bunn, one of the co-founders of the Museum. “I want to inspire people around the world with what I call experiums, emotional and transformative moments and spaces for people to reconnect with themselves and those around them.”

A super funky and colourful space that looks like every Instagrammer’s dream..   

See the full case study here





Any incentive to help the planet we love, so this plant-based chewing gum is right up our street. Designed by Mother Design, this start-up aims to phase out the use of regular chewing gum, much like how we’ve stopped using plastic straws.

“Our brand is designed to encourage this shift in a fun and engaging way,” he continues. “Made from the sustainably harvested tree sap chicle, Nuud gum decomposes as quickly as a banana skin.”

They’re very on-trend with their design, with bright colours and fun illustrations used throughout the brand. This approach will hopefully encourage people to ditch the single-use plastics and switch to a sustainable option. Count us in!  


See the full case study here