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Creative Inspiration Monthly – #7

It’s been a tough few months but we’re finally allowed to have some drinks with some mates outside! Yay! We thought we’d celebrate the occasion by showing you some top notch packaging for some fun and summery drinks to take with you. 




First up is Punchy Drinks: premium punch-makers who make alcoholic and non-alcoholic fruity punches in a can. The guys at Duzi Studio have created beautiful packaging and a brand identity that represents Punchy’s unique and fruity flavours.

“Through Punchy’s visual identity, we aim to transport their consumers to another world; a happy memory, whilst also ensuring the aesthetic feels contemporary and sophisticated, to reflect the adult, natural flavours of their drinks.”

They definitely stand out from other canned drinks and we can’t wait to try. 

See the full case study here


Roomies IPA

This next one is unfortunately just a passion project, but it’s a great one. Designer Jack Forrest  created this super fun and unique packaging for a lager and IPA to share with your roomie. The cheeky messaging paired with the lovely illustrations makes it an overall great packaging job and something we’d love to see on the shelves. Make it happen Jack! 

“Pastel & Brew’s ‘Roomies’ is a hearty, fun-filled lager and IPA to help you survive your rotten roomie.”

A great concept considering we’ve been stuck inside with our roomies all year…


See the full case study here


Tip Top Proper Cocktails



What’s even better than cocktails? Canned cocktails. They’re everywhere at the moment, but Tip Top cocktails caught our eye. Designed by the amazing design agency Sasso & Co, the packaging has lovely pastels, fun elements of illustration and some nice type. They’ve also designed other ranges for the cocktail brand, but this ‘Shaken Line’ is their most recent. They’ve not overcomplicated it, and to top it off, you can easily enjoy them in the park with your mates.


Check out more of their work on their instagram