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Creative Inspiration Weekly – #6

Week ? of lockdown and it’s only getting longer. Let’s cheer you up with some beautiful design work we’ve spotted this week!


In the fight to battle the stigmas surrounding men’s mental health, Mosh enlisted the guys at Universal Favourite in Sydney to rebrand their already successful online men’s health clinic. They’ve used a fun illustration style to add a light-hearted nature to their branding.

“Illustration allowed us to inject relatability in a humorous, comforting way. We wanted a style that felt intellectual yet witty, which would allow us to convey the sensitive, sometimes awkward, health issues men face with an informative softness.”

It’s such an important time to raise awareness for mental health, so this rebrand has come at the perfect time. Listen to your head folks!

See the full case study here


Pentagram have released their latest branding venture in the form of Soufflé, a startup high-end cookware brand. As well as the branding, they also designed the cookware pieces, which has ensured the product design and its branding flows together.

“The perfect blend of modern approach and traditional manufacturing expertise, Soufflé is sure to appeal to food lovers everywhere.”

The trendy colour palette and rustic-looking illustrations, paired with the sleek, streamlined design of the pieces screams “you can’t afford this” but nevertheless it’s satisfying to look at.

See the full case study here

Good Flower Farm

Good Flower Farm is a skincare brand based in Tennessee. They’re unique because they grow their own natural and organic ingredients for their products on their founder’s farm, who built it the brand from the ground up.

“Now more than ever, GFF’s brand position – handmade products from farm-grown, organic ingredient – provided a powerful opportunity for differentiation.”

Design studio Buddy-Buddy are behind their rebrand, and they totally pulled it off. Inspired by the ingredients used in the products, they’ve used subtle patterns and illustrations that pair with simple typography to create a sense of harmony across the brand. It’s delicate and pretty, but most importantly it works – it bumped up Good Flower Farm’s sales by 250% during the pandemic.

See the full case study here