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23 Gifts We Think Are Cool This Christmas

This was supposed to be a list of vegan, ethical & sustainable brands for Christmas gift ideas. But it was too hard to do this well. So this is now a vegan, ethical, sustainable leaning list. That still works, right?

The list is a melting pot of gifts for him, for her, for the kids and for the dog.

It follows no structure and isn’t categorised ‘for the go-getters’ or the ‘trend-setters’, it’s just a list of cool stuff that a bunch of us in the studio would be pretty happy to receive ourselves at Christmas.

It’s a catch-all, created to inspire you, when you inevitably open up that Chrome tab and punch in ‘best Christmas gift ideas 2020’.

Love the list? Let us know. Hate the list? We don’t want to hear from you.

Ok, let’s do this.

1 – Kinto Travel Tumbler

Price: £31.50

Link: Kinto Europe

Let’s start things off simple. This is an all-rounder, you can’t go wrong with a strong Scandi-vibed thermos. As cool as they come.

2 – Chelsea Rainwalker by Stutterheim

Price: £135

Link: Stutterheim

Cool af + dry, dry feet. An easy Xmas win.

3 – Good Times by Wool & The Gang

Price – €62.00

Link – Wool & The Gang

For those that would rather DIY than buy. Don’t just buy another blanket to add to the pile, give the gift of a new skill this Christmas… get #crafty

4 – Lumos Matrix Urban Bike Helmet

Lumos Matrix Helmet

Price: £199.95

Link – Apple

This is the first bike helmet we’ve seen on the Apple store. That sentence hasn’t been fact checked but we think it must be pretty good if it’s on there. Look cool & has all the gizmo’s.

5 – Note Sleeve by Bellroy

Note Sleeve - Racing Green

Price – £75

Link – Bellroy

Bellroy are just really great at smart stuff. Stuff that has lots of functionality & pockets but doesn’t look like you’ve just robbed Millets. Their wallets are great little things to update anyone still carrying a crumpled piece of leather around. Their fold-out phone cases & tech kits are worth checking out too.

6 – Bananagrams Word Game

Buy Bananagrams Word Game Online at johnlewis.com

Price – £15

Link – John Lewis

Peak stocking filler gift. Games on the go.

7 – Salcombe Gin


Price – £40

Link – Salcombe

Know a gin-lover but don’t know what to get them? This is ideal. Fantastic gin that has magically bottled the port nearby where it’s made. Bottle is a looker on the shelf too.

8 – Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven

Ooni Koda 12 Gas Powered Pizza Oven– Ooni United Kingdom

Price – £249.00

Link – Ooni

Give them a pizza, they’ll eat for the night. Give them a pizza oven, and they’ll be able to eat pizza every night…

9 – How to Give Zero F*cks by Stephen Wildish

Price – £10

Link – Urban Outfitters

Obviously no Christmas gift list would be complete without one of Steve’s ‘How To’ books. Grab this one, or don’t. Even if you did he wouldn’t care. Because, y’know – zero f*cks given.

10 – Lion Print PJ’s by Desmond & Dempsey

Price – £175 (complete set)

Link – Desmond & Dempsey

We’re all house-bound right now. So why not lockdown in some style, and no one does it better than D&D. Tons of awesome prints for men, women & kids.

11 – The Zero Waste Cookbook

Price – £19

Link – FreePeople

2020 is about using less, not more. Make sure nothing goes to waste and start zero-waste cooking. Greta would be proud.

12 – Coffee Subscription

Price – £19.99 per month

Link – Good Brew

Good brew’s mission is to put an end to sh*t coffee. Join the door-step revolution, today.

13 – Sun Kids by Izipizi

IZIPIZI Kids Sunglasses in Red | Trotters Childrenswear

Price – £25

Link – Izipizi 

Not sure what to get the kids this year? Izipizi make cool sunglasses for a wide range of ages at a price point that means when they’re scratch / smashed / trodden on/ run over / eaten by the dog, it’s not the end of the world.

14 – Classic Leather Collar by Vackertass

Classic Leather Collar

Price – £30

Link – Vackertass

Sticking with the ‘could be destroyed within the year’ category, Vackertass are an East London brand that do things simply & beautifully. Collars, beds & leads. They have a great range that’ll definitely be a hit with any dog owner in the family (especially the one that is using that knackered old lead & collar from 4 years ago).

15 – Konstructor by Lomography

Konstruktor F Camera

Price – £33

Link – Lomography

This is for the one that’s hard to buy for. The one who has everything. Yes they have a camera, but can they BUILD a camera. Give the gift of knowledge with this DIY kit from Lomography.

16 – Coffee Grain Whiskey by Nikka

Nikka Coffey Grain Whisky

Price – £54.95

Link – WhiskeyExchange

Love coffee? Love whiskey? Then this might be what you’re looking for. A great looking bottle that will stand-out in any booze collection.

17 – Soap by Hande

Price – £35

Link – Hande

Hande are peckham & proud. They’re making organic (and vegan) hand sanitiser that supports the local community. Plus, we love the illustrations on the packaging.

18 – V10’s by Veja

Price – £120

Link – Veja Store

Obviously, needed some vegan kicks on our list. It was these or Doc Martens. These are the classics but we also love the Venturi’s for chunky 90’s vibes.

19 – Wolfgang Tillman’s. Fourbooks. By TASCHEN

Wolfgang Tillmans. four books. 40th Anniversary Edition

Price – £20


Wolfgang Tillmans compiles 30 years of his work to draw a picture of where we are today. TBHWe could have done a whole post on just TASCHEN books for Christmas gifts, so we had to whittle it down to just one. We picked this as a starters for ten but Taschen has loads of niché gems that are worth digging through.

20 – Beanie Hat by Norse Projects

Norse Projects Norse Projects Beanie Hat - Carmine Red - Red

Price – £55

Link – GoodHood

It’s winter. Wrap up, yada yada. The folks at Norse projects know what they’re doing when it comes to cold scandi clothing, they’re a great cool gift for cold heads everywhere.

21 – The Always Pan by Our Place

Price – $95 or £136

Link – Our Place (or available here for UK)

If you haven’t heard of the cult-favourite best-selling pan, then you’ve not been reading the right part of the internet, clearly. This do-it-all wonder is designed to replace 8 traditional pieces of cookware. Plus this is probably the best looking pan we’ve ever seen.

22 – Figuier Candle by Diptyque

Diptyque - Figuier Candle 300g

Price – £57.80

Link – Liberties

As cool & classy as candles come. This is a required staple for the perfect living room ‘gram shot.

23 – Death Before Dishonour by Doomsdayco

Death Before Dishonour Dagger - Black Dad Cap – Doomsdayco

Price – £24.99

Link – Doomsdayco

Need a source of cool black dad caps? Of course you do.


Got an idea or something we missed? Let us know