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Creative Inspiration Weekly – #3

This is the 3rd week and we have 3 beautifully designed pieces to show you.

And you’ll notice that this week, we’re all about food and coffee! 🍟 + ☕️


Our first inspiration for this week is the all-time favourite coffee, Mule.

Mule Artisan Coffee was founded in 2015. Initially, the brand was conceived to sell small-batch coffee grown in Colombia.

Looking for more variety, the brand decided to open its roasterie – this prompted the need to redesign the identity, which is where Medellín based branding studio Invade Design come in.

The coffees have different origins so they designed easily customisable packaging that can adapt.  The branding and packaging represents the simple, clean, countryside combined with the big city life.

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Famiglia Crispino

Famiglia Crispino is a Calabrian family-run company producing groceries and distributing them in Italy and beyond. Specialised in tomato sauces, food preserves, and pickled products.

Florence based agency Auge Design headed up the re-brand. They gave the brand an injection of colour plus a strong typographic logo mark to ensure the products will stand out on the shelves.  Auge designed a custom typeface specifically for this project.

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Design and Produced by Kyiv based Illustrator, graphic designer Olga Pylaieva.

Sadóva’s products are made from local fruits from her garden. This series is about apricots and the products she creates for them: Jam, Pastilla, and Dried Apricots.

We really liked the branding and ideas behind the design.  Using texture in the tree and apricot illustration and simple line drawing basket of apricots mixed very well together with typography on the packaging. And the colour scheme she created depicts apricot trees and stages of ripening.

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