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Creative Inspiration Weekly – #2

Our first inspiration for this week is DogDrop by Mexico based design studio, Vegrande.

‘Clean, neat, and real fun, just like our pets.’ Vegrande designed these products to break the mould and present the brand’s values through fun graphics that attract and create connection. A great example of design that focuses on the customers emotion and emotional experience to the brand over conveying just the the over ather than just the product.

Vegrande describe the concept behind the brand as ‘derived from 50’s classic cartoons; charged with strong, soulful human-energy and a touch of nostalgia’ and we couldn’t agree anymore! 



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Our second inspiration is experimental liqueur, Vildmark.

Designed by Studio MPLS in Minneapolis, Vildmark is a Sun Tea Whiskey that comes in  5 different shapes to reflect its range of flavours. We love how they’ve used geometric shapes coupled with bold compositions to deliver a distinguished and premium style for the brand. We just wish we could taste it!

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