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Creative Inspiration Weekly – #1

We regularly put together inspiration boards for brands, helping them figure out what kind of business they want to be and why. We help them look at the cues and connotations of those brands to pull apart the make-up of their identity. This is a key part of our design process to help both new and existing brands figure out how they want to show up to the world, why and what it means.

We see so much great work when working through Discovery phases that we thought it would be good to start curating and sharing our favourite finds.

Things we’ve loved this week:



Candle+Friends is an Istanbul based candle brand.

We loved that all their candles are produced with 100% soy wax, produced one-by-one with high-quality perfume essences and cotton wicks from global perfume houses, burning clean and non-toxic.

This packaging and branding designed by London based Designer Cansu Merdamert.

The packaging is fresh and elegant. The rose gold emobssing combined with the abstract graphic elements give the products their modern meets classic feel.

Find out more about the brand and designer.


Henua Organics


Henua Organics offers a premium skincare line consisting of products that only contain certified organic ingredients rooted in the essence of Nordic simplicity.

Design and art direction by Helsinki based Designer Marina Veziko.

Minimalist black and white aesthetics combined with frosted glass bottles, wooden caps, and matte finish labels deliver a sophisticated premium and feel. The packaging contains sustainably-made foam moulds with custom-fitted cutouts that keep the products firmly in place. The whole product is packaged in just one piece, creating a beautiful and seamless unboxing experience.


Find out more about the brand and designer.