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✌🏼Our Most Chilled Branding Yet

Over the last year, the plant-based & CBD oil scene has exploded. With a new start-up popping up almost daily, we wanted to be ahead of the trend and take an opportunity to show the CBD world exactly what we’re capable of.

Taking the edge off has never been easier. With CBD oil, users can experience all the pro’s of cannabis without any of the con’s (namely, getting arrested). So, when we had the opportunity to create a fresh brand for NOPE, we seized it like a police dog at border-control…

Inspired by the streets of L.A. we are proud to present NOPE – a CBD & premium lifestyle brand. 

CBD is part of the cannabis family. We didn’t want to shy away from this, but embrace it. We set out to create an identity that could be tattooed on to the team (or brand fans), a brand mark that was tribal in execution and that looked nothing like anything else on the market – inside or outside of the category.

A key part of the brand creation and brand strategy for NOPE was steering the brand away from the category conventions, whilst being a clear market leader and relating back to the core brand values – promoting the natural benefits.

With this in mind, we constructed an identity that was highly flexible – allowing the branding to be used (with or without the brand mark) across channel. Perfect for social where you often have the brand logo in the feed and just need a prominent and influential style that can be easily applied to content.

With NOPE we wanted to create more than a brand. We wanted to create something wearable. Something that stops people on the street, but promotes through show- and not tell.

Anyone can create a poster on the wall. But creating a poster on the wall that is meaningful, memorable, simple & enjoyable is a bit harder.

We strove to create a stunning brand that was simple in execution but highly scalable. We feel we delivered that with NOPE, making our mark in the Cannabis & CBD landscape as one of the UK’s foremost design studios.

Questions, comments or want to know more? Hit us up. 👉Here.

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