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🎉 Launching LockdownLocals.com

We’ve just launched LockDownLocals.com

It’s for all those that have looked on Ocado only to be 13,0000000 in the queue and woke up at 2am to place an order for 8+ weeks times and just want to find actually useful food there is a better way…!

We found there are so many fantastic local businesses that are converting to help deliver staples & groceries – such as the guys who run the restaurant WOLF in Dalston, the online florists’ Floom and even GAIL’s bakery all now selling groceries & veg boxes or similar with reasonable slots for delivery.

It took us AGES to find decent alternatives so we’ve smashed together this list to help friends out.

If you think this useful for other human beings then it’d be awesome if you can share to help spread the word for all those are running low on stocks.

+ More is more right now, so we need more submissions. I’m sure there’s plenty we’ve missed off.

Hopefully, this grows into something so please share with those who need feeding…



Farm Box - Mixed Veg Box

(Image from GAILS – https://gailsbread.co.uk/order/grocery/560-farm-box-mixed-veg-box.html)

There are NO affiliate links / promotional / paid anything for us for this.

Just a nice thing we thought we’d do for people.