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Branding Case Study: BBC The Reality Tea Podcast

The BBC approached us to brand The Reality Tea Podcast.

The Reality Tea is your weekly update on everything from the world of reality tv.

We’ve used an aleatory visual technique to collage the graphic elements.

Much like early nihilist punk iconography, and other 80s countercultures and even further back to the techniques used by David Bowie in his cut-up songwriting years.

If we can overlook the celebrity aspect of the piece we are inviting the viewer to reflect deeper into the post-modern pond with references to the Dadaists and all the decoupage they had to bring.

It’s all held together by the metaphorical safety pin of the new ‘now’ movement of celebrity culture, simple combinations and juxtapositions of ready-mades and typography. It’s all really a hark back and yearning for the return of meritocracy.

We also used a frog emoji  > 🐸.

How many branding jobs can you say have done that?

x W & Co.

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